Welcome to the Association of Malaysian Spas

Better known as AMSPA, we are known as the “Voice of Wellness” from the spa and wellness community in Malaysia. At the heart of what we do is our core values:


AMSPA exists to bring together spa and wellness brands, business owners, therapists, advocates, and enthusiasts. We provide a space where our tribe can safely be a part off something bigger, immerse in a supportive network, and discover (or rediscover) their purpose and passion.


We are part of the Malaysian National Spa Council and the Steering Committee of Tourism NKEA. We work hand-in-hand with the Ministry of Tourism on its spa rating initiative to highlight the value and benefits of rated spas around Malaysia. We also work to promote important connections for the spa and wellness community in Malaysia with  those around the globe.


The working relationships with various ministries and government agencies enable us to provide a safe, proactive platform where our members can openly voice their opinions, format strategies, and discuss challenges.

Meet Our Board Members


Hana Halim

Vice President 1

Naziah Pir Khan

Vice President 2

Kam Su En

Secretary General

Selinastein Mohd. Rashid

Honorary Treasurer

Camilla Loh

Board Member - Ordinary

Chin Yien Wei

Board Member - Ordinary

Zuhrah Nadakkavil Alassan

Board Member - Associate

Alyssa Lim

Board Member - Associate

Bibiana Smith

Board Member - Affiliate

Tatiana Azman

A Word From Our President

AMSPA President

I am super excited to be joined by our new line-up of AMSPA Board Members for the term 2021-2023. Together with these super ladies, I aim to continue to empower and grow our future spa talents, address pressing issues for spa operators, and continue the good momentum we had created to educate the public, protect our members, develop and promote the Spa & Wellness industry in Malaysia locally and globally.